The Rovume Basin, shared by Mozambique and Tanzania, holds one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, still unexploited. In order to improve the exploitation cabability of such resources, the Government of Mozambique, oil companies and other stakeholders have invested on training programs in O&G. The Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) has led the process of creating and implementing postgraduate training programs covering the upstream and downstream perspective of the O&G engineering business. Soon other two MSc programs will be implemented, one in safety and environmental engineering for O&G industries, and another one for Petroleum Geosciencies.
As a way to reinforce the research and education capabilities, and with the financial support of the World Bank, UEM has created a Center of Excellence with a regional scope for give opportunity to young talented national and regional africans to be trained at postgraduate level as technicians and researchers, aiming to increment the local content in the South-Eastern region regarding the field of O&G. This Center, artnered by the Faculties of Engineering and Science of UEM, is intended to possess world-class training facilities for the O&G industry.